Hundreds of our neighbours and friends join us to celebrate our annual car show, and you might see “old cars”. Our seniors, however, see the first car they ever owned, and it brings them right back. Remember yours?

At Hallmark, we love to take a country drive to summer adventures like a Mountain BBQ. Ready to come?


On special days like Mother’s Day, we like to invite our families and friends to celebrate, with good food, flowers, and maybe even a big plate of sweet dessert, just because.


Another favourite celebration is our Easter buffet, where our staff dream up an amazing array of tastes to try. It’s so popular that we sometimes have to hold a second seating to accommodate all our guests!


On Valentine’s Day at Hallmark, we celebrate friendship and community, not just romantic love. At Hallmark on the Lake, we have a special breakfast, and at Hallmark on the Park, a classy tea. 


We love to celebrate birthdays, and 100 is a great milestone. You even get a letter from the Queen! We celebrated Elisabeth’s 100th birthday party recently, with her family and friends.  Click here to see the Abbotsford News story about Elisabeth: 


At Christmastime, everyone is looking for a unique place to enjoy a meal together, and many families come to Hallmark to celebrate with a spectacular meal, live music, amazing decorations, and a genuine-bearded Santa.


 Would you like to walk around Hallmark with us, and tour a suite? Click below. 




News: “Conversations With Aging: Waterguns & Wisdom”

You may have heard about a special movie project we created at Hallmark.  It’s called “Conversations With Aging: Waterguns & Wisdom”, featuring Hallmark residents, and we are very proud of it!  

 Click below to play a two-minute sneak preview of the movie.  For more info, email us at


Looks like good people, you say? How about joining Marg for her daily walk in our park, which happens to be our backyard?  You can meet our birds too. 

If you’ve got three minutes, click below:

  [Video title]


If this looks like a place where you could feel at home, read on (and watch on).  You can call Hardy, our marketing coordinator, if you have any questions, and come for a complimentary lunch tour to visit in person.  


We’re looking forward to meeting you!