We love to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Hallmark, celebrating friendship and community, not just romantic love. At Hallmark on the Lake, we have a special breakfast, and at Hallmark on the Park, a classy tea. Click below to see what happens at our Friendship Breakfast:

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We celebrated Elisabeth’s 100th birthday party recently, with her family and friends.  She makes Hallmark a better place! Click here to see the Abbotsford News story about Elisabeth:


Every Christmas, we celebrate a fantastic Christmas Gala. Our hospitality staff outdo themselves with spectacular food, and if you keep your eyes open, you might even see Santa!


Hallowe’en at Hallmark is always an adventure, with enthusiastic participation. Our staff and resident families often bring their little kids to come trick-or-treat.  You’re always welcome!


Our residents and staff enjoyed the first-ever resident retreat, having enjoyed a great overnight journey to Keats Island. What an adventure!


At Hallmark, you can bring your small pet to live with you.  Really! And if you don’t have a pet of your own, you can enjoy days like this, when our staff member Shelley and her girls brought in their new puppies and kittens for folks to enjoy.



We just celebrated the tenth anniversary of Hallmark on the Lake, toasting those ten years with “beignets”, an icing-sugared doughnut specialty of New Orleans and the Cafe du Monde, just like the Cafe you’ll see in our Hallmark town square. Stan walked us through the original construction pictures.  A few of our original residents are still with us, enjoying the beignets!


Hundreds of our families, friends, and neighbours arrived this June at our annual car show, where we celebrate classics like Ilse and the car behind her.  We usually serve up nearly 800 hot dogs and hamburgers to our visitors, free of charge. We enjoy great music and companionship, and you are welcome to join us next June!


Mother’s Day is an important time at Hallmark, and we like to celebrate (with flowers, of course).  At Hallmark on the Lake, we held a special breakfast, with crepes and bacon.  At Hallmark on the Park, we served a special afternoon tea.



 Would you like to walk around Hallmark with us, and tour a suite? Click above. 


News: “Conversations With Aging: Waterguns & Wisdom”

You may have heard about a special movie project we created at Hallmark.  It’s called “Conversations With Aging: Waterguns & Wisdom”, featuring Hallmark residents, and we are very proud of it!  

 Click below to play a two-minute sneak preview of the movie.  For more info, email us at info@hallmarkretirement.ca.


Looks like good people, you say? How about joining Marg for her daily walk in our park, which happens to be our backyard?  You can meet our birds too. 

If you’ve got three minutes, click below:

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What an amazing day that was.  Watching all that walking makes you hungry, you say? You’re probably wondering if the food is any good at Hallmark.  

Click below to hear for yourself:

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Yes, you say, it’s beautiful, with tasty meals.  But are the people friendly?  

Click below:

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Ah, so the people are nice.  But does anything interesting happen at Hallmark, you say?

Click below:

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If this looks like a place where you could feel at home, read on (and watch on).  You can call Hardy if you have any questions, and come for a complimentary lunch tour to visit in person.  


We’re looking forward to meeting you!